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Homestays in Calcutta

CalWalks is always on the lookout for people tired of living alone, or with each other, at home, and desperately looking for company. (Thinking of which its them that should be paying us for sending them travelers to while away their time with. But alas, this is no Utopia.)

A Personal Touch

Therefore, we have a variety of homestays on offer for you, these homes are lived in by some of the most interesting people of the city. Not only do you get to stay with a family, but you stand a chance to strike up a lifetime of friendship.

From artists to hoteliers to retired professionals to past princesses, we have a range of homes in various locations to suit the needs of every traveler looking for a ‘home away from home’ experience. All homestays come equipped with breakfast, if possible, with the owners, and may include other meals as preferred.

Every house is a reflection of who lives in it. And it is this character of the house and the owner that we invite you to explore. Break away from the regular routine of a hotel and believe you me there’s a whole new world of experiences waiting for you on the other side.

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