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In case you want to see much more in far lesser time then we have car and coach based city tours for you. Besides the regular half day and full day city tours (which last for up to 4 hours and more than 6 hours respectively) we can offer you glimpses of our city along the following themes :

Colonial Calcutta
Flit around the city taking in the legacy left behind the former colonial power.
As you explore this side of the city you understand why they said that the sun never sets on the British Empire and how they reached the peak of their prowess and made more than enough show of it.

Rennaisance Bengal
This is why they used to say, "What Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow."
Just like Europe, Bengal had its Rennaisance too, which took it out of the clutches of the 'dark' age and threw away the old to create a new world order. Some of the most important proponents of the Bengal soil reached the peak of their individual talents thanks largely to the friction between the East and the West.

Bazaars of the old city.
'Coz the city emerged from one - Sutanuti
The many Calcutta markets give the city its distinctive character. From its emergence at Sutanuti, a bazaar of cotton thread, Calcutta developed along the lines of its many bazaars and the localities like Kumartulli, Shyam Bazaar, Radha Bazaar, Colootola, and the like. Explore the various markets of the old city from the oldest to the newest.

Myriad Calcutta Cultures
There had been quite a few, as exemplified by the Confluence Walk
Hundreds of cultures made Calcutta its cosmopolitan self. Among the most prominent of them being Armenian, Jewish, Chinese, Islamic, Jain, Buddhist coupled with the old influence of the Portuguese, the Scottish, the Greek and so on. We show you the same through a tour of their various worship and cultural centers.

Kali's Calcutta - Temples and around.
They never said 'Jai Kali Calcutte-wali' for nothing.
Calcutta, in a way belongs to Kali, and the fact that city came up along the pilgrimage route between the most sacred place of Kali worship at the Kalighat Temple and one of the oldest at Chitpur Chitteswari Temple, stamps the final seal on it. Explore how Goddess Kali pervades the lives of the people of the city.

Motorbike Tour
The city from a Royal-Enfield rider's perspective. Simply because maneuvering through the old town is easier and faster this way.
Join us on a discovery of the city through the lens of the riders of the cult bike, Royal Enfield. Do the must see sites of the city with intermittent breaks at various bikers' stops.

Cycling City Tours
Sundays, early mornings and bandhs call for a trip of a different sort.
Every time we get bored of life, we borrow a set of wheels and go out on the city, exploring it on pedal. Join us, on really early mornings, Sundays or on days when the political parties feel like calling a strike, and we shall show you Calcutta at its best. With hardly or no traffic this ride is like a breeze of fresh air, meandering through cricket-playing para boys.


Though we love to walk around the city with anyone interested when they have the time, we have an alternative for those who do not - City Tours.
Besides the regular Half Day and Full Day city tours, we also have customised coach and car tours along various themes.
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Our river is the Hooghly, a tributary of the Ganges. And if it weren't for that test flight at Kitty Hawk, you probably would've sailed down this waterway to our city. Take a breather and join us on a river cruise.
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