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Calcutta skyline

Welcome to our world.

our story.

We were your regular overworked and underpaid individuals, overcome by a sense of ennui. Then one day, we decided to take fate by the throat, and take a look at us now!

We may still be overworked and underpaid.

But there’s a new zest for what we do now.

Conceived of, founded, and designed by Iftekhar Ahsan – aka Ifte – an intrepid Explorer, Calcutta Walks is manned by individuals from various walks of life. As Explorers, researchers, and a resource team, we have on board theater veterans, historians, architects, lawyers, businesspeople, home-based professionals, corporate entities, and quasi-intellectuals whose sole job it is to keep us on our toes and at our best – for you!


For starters, our company has no ‘guides’. But if you’re looking to explore the city with us, we have trained Explorers to walk the city with you. A bunch of folks from diverse backgrounds, your Fellow Explorers are in love with the city and keep their fingers on its dynamic pulse. This is a challenging task in a city that is on the threshold of major and potentially explosive change! Our Fellow Explorers revel in discovering the extraordinary in what seems everyday. They are opinionated romantics, keen on sharing with you the way things were, are, and should be. Yet a convincing argument from you will get them to change their mind! Remember, our explorers are not historians, but perpetual students who thrive on the concept of shared discovery.

12 Explorers in the team
778 Books in our library
6275 Tours conducted
36,887 Walkers
40,652 Kilometers walked
48,776 Cups of cha consumed